Mum killed with partner in ‘parking row’ abused on doorstep days before death

In chilling grainy doorbell footage which has now emerged, a foul-mouthed man appears to swear at Jenny Chapple several times as she’s entering her home in Norton Fitzwarren, Somerset

Harrowing footage has emerged of a mum who was stabbed to death at home being verbally abused on her doorstep.

Husband-and-wife Steven and Jenny Chapple were found stabbed to death in an incident that has shocked their ‘close-knit’ community in Norton Fitzwarren, Somerset amid claims it was over a parking row.

In chilling, grainy doorbell footage a man appears to swear at Jenny several times as she’s entering her home.

Believed to have been taken after she had returned home from work, the footage shows her being confronted by a man who shouts: F***ing gobbing off!”

He the calls her her a “cheeky little b***h”.

Jenny responds to the man, saying: “She’s the one who started it, so f off” but he shouts back: “What’s that, you fing c? You fat b…you fing dirty…”

The mum then tells the unidentified man to “f off” again before going into her home as her abuser walks away while calling her a “fing c***”.

The mum-of-two is said to have sent the footage to a friend earlier this month, according to The Sun.

Two children who were in the property are said to be unhurt but distressed.

They are believed to have been sleeping at the time of their parents’ death

On Tuesday police confirmed the one of victims, Jennifer, died from stab wounds while post mortem examinations are being carried out on her husband Stephen Chapple.

It was earlier claimed that police were called three times to the couple’s home over parking disputes in the months before their deaths.

Another resident claimed the police had been called to the property before. He said: “Police have been out there on at least three occasions because of the parking, it’s utterly ridiculous.

“To think that you can get so angry about it when you all live on top of each other like we do round here it’s just much easier to get on with each other.”

Other residents have confirmed parking was a contentious issue on the estate and drone pictures showed two cars parked bumper to bumper in the Chapples’ designated space.

The bodies of Steven, 34, and Jenny, 33, were discovered at their house on Sunday evening while their two children were unharmed but “distressed” inside.

One man aged 34 and another aged 67, was arrested on suspicion of murder and remain in police custody while investigations are ongoing.